sink drain

Never seen a drain configured like this one.

5032-6 Heatherhill Lane Boca(Hoffman) 028.jpg

Looks like someone was too lazy to extend the drain from the wall and/or get a longer trap arm.

Should still work though.

It will cause un-necessary back-up’s or clogs. Look at the size of the trap.

That trap does appear to be improperly sized.

I can’t see with all that crap in the way…

Mark I was thinking that, but with these PVC’s it is so damn easy to unscrew as this looks like a simple single drain , that I would not do more than give it a breif mention on a report at best.
Good exuse for an illustration if one is inclined.

Sad part is that, judging from your photo, it was more difficult to do it that way than the correct way.
My 2 cents

Bruce Cargin
Hastings, MN

My recommendation would be for a licensed plumber to install it correctly.

Dale …cool illustration but which part of the pictured trap is wrong according to (the illustration).
The only real question is the unecassary 90 degree elboe which may have a tendency to clog more often.
Seems to meet the depth and no s trap rule however.
(cleanout not needed either)

May have a Tendency to clog…yes I guess so…:lol:

That’s why I would of simply reported to install it correctly to rid itself of that tendency…:lol:

I would still call it out. Not a major concern of course though. The trap seal is going to be at least 6-8" by the looks of the picture.

Does the line have two in-line ‘p’ traps?

It runs upward at the wall, doesn’t it?

That would make the drain improper right there. Solids would not drain properly.

Hard to tell with stuff in the way but it looks to me like the trap arm is connected to a tee which means it is draining downward.

It looks like it’s technically a crown vented “S” trap which is illegal.