Drain Pipe for Laundry ... Need info

Can the Drain pipe be above the washer ?

Look at this … I’m in a Basement.

Where is the washer?

If the washer is as far down as it looks in the post there it will probably still work but Washing machine drain pumps are not that powerful and that is a lot of water to push uphill. There is also no backflow valve on the washer so all that water left in the line is going back into the machine. Last, the only good thing is that it does look like there could be an airgap between the line and the drain so it won’t siphon back.Not a good setup IMO.

Yes, it will still work dependent on the type of washer and internal pump.

That is not a proper installation though and should be repaired per Manufacturer’s recommendation. Similar to this. 006%20(2)|666x500

Below the plastic drain line …
Let me see if I can add another oic

Thanks … This is my answer …
The drain pipe is up to high.

Looks like the receptacle is fully occupied and no room to plug in the washer anyways. Most new washers would overflow with that short of a stand pipe.

Most likely the house has high sewer line, they will need ejection pump installed. I see this often, people don’t want to spend money to do it right and just tie into high drain, often without a trap.

Thanks Everyone …

What’s that shiny thingy on the far right?

Looks like a lint collector. LOL

Is the drain pipe vented