Drain tile discharging on thr ejector pump pit

Hey guys I got to this full rehab home and noticed that the drain tile is discharging into the ejector
Appear that both installation were new.
The cover is not sealed.
The vent is there.
Could the sewer gases drive into the drain tile and eventually be noticed in the basement?
Will be that ok?
I do saw a lot sump pumps that were converted to ejector due to a laundry and/or bathrooms.
But that appear to all new installation
Also they have another ejector on the other side of the house for the laundry.

Please help

Storm water and wastewater should not be combined. The cover should be properly sealed.

Drain tile goes to a sump and discharges to the exterior .Ejector is a sealed pit usually used in a basement where there is a over head sewer main lateral .In other words example is a basement toilet flushing to the pit and being pumped up to fall into the main lateral.Most places do not want rain water from a drain tile to enter the sewage drain system because they can not handle the volume . Sump is fresh water and open cover but ejector is sealed as it ties in to the poop to be literal.