Sewage ejector pump

Home is a 2005 build with an unfinished basement with a septic system.

There is no bath or laundry in the basement.

** What is discharging into the sewage ejector pump?**

The sump pump worked fine. Looks like it leaked on the wall from the sump discharge at one time.

119008 047 (Small).jpg

119008 028 (Small).jpg

David are you sure that is a sludge pump? Looks like a backup sump (considering pipe size and arrangement). Maybe it is just the way I’m looking at it.

One is a foundation drainage sump pump.

The other is a sewage lift pump including and basement fixtures or floor drains.

There may not be a bath or laundry present, but is there an area with some other lines capped off??? Someone may have been thinking ahead and had plumbing run under the slab for future use.

I think Dave is probably right but it is okay to describe what you see and say you don’t know what the sanitary pump services.

the pipe with the green backflow valve appears to be connected to the sewer/septic which is not permitted.


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