drain tile for venting in attic

came accross this inspecting the attic. Around the perimeter of the home were these drain tiles laid into the soffit areas for venting. Insulation covered the remaining areas. Is this a problem?

What did you see on the exterior? Or was this just placed next to one of the bird blocks?

Seen it a few times Used in Place of a baffle seems to work OK.

They have a major problem with mice in the attic. Boring holes in the insulation, poop and feathers above and below blown -in insulation. Thought they might be going to the soffit vents. Should of took a closer look. Just neede another opinion on this one. Thanks all.

The use of other products to allow venting is common, I have seen everything from cardboard cigarette cases , big o, foam take out trays, and cereal boxes. As long as they prevent insulation from blocking air space into attic all ok. I would be hesitant recommending any of them , including morevents , without protection from pest intrusion.

The problem I see is if the drain pipe is only near one of the small bird block holes and the other 2 holes are block by insulation, they have decreased the venting by 2/3. This will definitely affect the attic overall venting.

Easy fix. Take a leaf blower or shop vac on blow and hit each of the other bird block holes. It will blow the insulation away and allow for full venting.