Drain Tile/Sump Pump Question

Sump basket today had drain tile entering on one side and on the other side there was a gap under the slab where water was entering the sump basket. Check out the pics. Has anyone seen this before? Since there’s a gap beneath the slab, should there be a concern of proper support of the slab? It’s a little weird lookin’ to me. Appreciate your thoughts.


Jeff Manders
Gadget Home Inspections.

It appears to me that some of the water migration from under the slab has eroded some of the fines from underneath the slab or it is possible that the sub-grade under the slab might have settled due to the water infiltration obvious from the sump.
Not a big deal unless the unsupported area increases substantially.

One way to find out the extent of the settlement or erosion is to use a broom stick or similar, and hit the floor in a range wider than what we see in the photo.

I would note that some erosion or settlement has occurred and further evaluation is required by a foundation Contractor familiar with foundation and underslab drainage. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input Marcel. Makes sense to me. I appreciate it. Jeff