Draw Inspection

Excuse my ignorance but what is a draw inspection.
I don’t think we have them in Canada, or at least not in my area.

A builder “draws” from the total amount of capital being financed for the building construction in phases. The inspector reports (to the lender or the owner, depending upon who contracts him) at different phases on the status of the construction, and the builder is paid accordingly.


In accounting circles it is called percentage of completion:mrgreen:

In a card game its a tie…:roll:

I got called to do a draw inspection. They offered me $35. It would probably cost me half that in gas just to get there and back. Thanks but no thanks.

John berthiaume
JB Home Inspection Services
Boston, MA

I’ve got 5 to do tomorrow at $50 a piece.

I do them for Granite @ 50.00

If your married, their a reason to get out of the house for a while if your not doing inspections.

Other than that, I cannot think of anything…:lol:


I do them for three different banks here in Arizona, they pay between $100-$200.00 per phase of construction (depending on sq. ft-age), the banks have five draws I work with.

Pictures only with my idea of the percentage of completion, not any type of format the banks have, because the banks I deal with don’t have any forms to fill out, I sold them the idea of just using my format doing these simple reports.

So I usually take 20-30 pictures, add a small commentary for the percentage of completion, and email the report to the bank loan officer.

Like other inspectors do, I usually stop by the property on my way to or from another inspection because they only take 15 minutes or so, the banks usually want the report within five days or so after emailing the property to be inspected.

I did over $10,000 last year in Draws in my county.