Draw Inspectors Needed Nation Wide

We typically charge $150 - $250 p/draw on new construction. More on Rehab

Ha ha ha ha ha :twisted:

You would need a lot of inspections to make a living. I assume we’re talking a 25-50 mile radius. During high traffic times that might be over an hour each way, time to do photos, time to email report. 3 hours for some inspections.

That’s $15.00 an hour minus gas and wear and tear on equipment. I suppose its better than unemployment.

Draw inspections are also done by other vendors which pay double that. This would be Homestyle loans I assume and I did a draw for a Homestyle yesterday for $250.00

No kidding. You could take the homeowner’s private data and sell it to a lead broker for more than that and never leave your car. Have Nick make a new logo and call it a “benefit”. Works every time. :wink:

This means that you may not get paid the full amount as the “auditors” will find something wrong and deduct a penalty from your fee.

So do they, but they’re not giving it to the Inspector. Looks like another vampire.

He may even want to be a “strategic Partner” of yours,:slight_smile: and he will definitely promote the heck out of it for you.


I guess you didn’t like the responses. You must have mistaken this for a place to find desperate home inspectors who are willing to work for minimum wage, or even less.

Something tells me that there are people who are not posting and are ringing this guy’s phone off the hook. Beware the “hungry home inspector”. They will do anything for cigarette money. :wink:

I had an inspector from Trinity do a draw inspection for me when I was the contractor on a 203K job. He took pictures of every outlet, every door, every window and God knows what else. I followed him out in time to see him drive off in his 20 year old rust bucket with the trunk held down by bungee cords.

Just saying!:sarcasm:

No thanks.

Let’s see. $55 per room wouldn’t be too bad.

If there is anyone from Montreal or Quebec here, what is a draw inspection in french?
A simple translation won’t work because it is a technical and industry specific term.