Drip edge and Fascia cover

Other than being a personal pet peeve of mine, would you report on this and why/why not?


If it is overlapped properly I see no reason it is a defect. It does look like crap though.

but then for the trim guy with ocd…it does all line up very nicely…

how about…
Roofing/shingles are not installed in compliance with manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines, lack the required overhang.

Drip edge recommended to stop possible water intrusion .

drip edge.jpg

The drip edge is there Roy. There is no problem with this if lapped a few inches.

Since when is the shingle required to overhang the drip edge. That practice is actually not allowed in FL.

Fl is one of the few places I have seen where shingles get cut right at the drip edge. Here, they just now started requiring DE, so without drip edge shingle overhang is essential to prevent rain water from rolling back. Most get overhung roughly an inch in all areas.

Everytime I go down there it drives me nuts to see the shingles that way, just what your used to I guess.

Must be a wind related requirement in FL. AHJ will make you trim all roofing material that overhangs the drip edge. We control roll back with a layer of sealant on the gable end, at least most roofers do.

I believe you are correct Sir!
Overhang here wouldn’t stand a chance in a good wind. Of course I find my share that are not even nailed on right. :wink:

Is the seam sealed

We do install roofs differently here in FL. The shingles should never be installed with an overhang and all drip edge should be sealed with plastic roof cement (tar).
I’m concerned with an increased potential for moisture intrusion at this location due to the two seams not being offset.

How you install with or without an overhang also depends on the manufacturers specifications!

Have you ever seen the installation sheets of shingles that require the overhang? I can see that an overhang would be needed without a drip edge flashing, but I would like to see a link of that.

Starter strips are required at all ends of the roof line!

This GAF installation video requires 1/4"-3/4" overhang at All eave and raked edges (at 1:30)