Shingle overlap necessary with a drip edge?

The entire 6,000 SF home had the shingles cut even with the drip edge. What say you? FYI: the buyer in planning to install gutters.

040712 176.JPG

040712 176.JPG

Did it have a starter course and proper underlayment and was the top course bulled down? If required for your area there may be ice and dam sheet installed. If so should be no problem if there is a 2" drip edge flashing. That’s how it should be.

Extending the top course beyond a drip edge accomplishes nothing.

Didn’t access the roof. Binoculars only.

I no see problem with shingles cut even with drip edge, even though I prefer a 3/4 to 1 1/2” over hang for better run off.
And adding gutters of course is defiantly a plus.

That is not drip edge.
The lock is also wrong.
I will get some metal lock illustrations for roofing and flashing applications soon.

Sorry for the rough outline of a lock.
In yellow.

Joe that is not drip edge.
No capillary break.

That is 90% angled aluminum.
I do not even see a double bend to make it more ridged at the shingle overlay.
It will bend under a light load.

The fascia cladding is also wrong.
It is reversed .
Poor installations.
They fabricated it onsite.
You start at the bottom element and work up.
All the rain water and debris will be driven under the bottom fascia.
The wooden member end will wick absorb water.o

Soffit,one piece fascia with a 90% and 1/2 double bend at the start of the 90% for rigidity and finish then the drip to over lap the fascia.
Complete seal…

I really don’t see a problem with the type of roof edging, even though it doesn’t have a rake, but I do agree with poor installation. Here’s a diagram of a better install.


Garry I do not think the rake is correct.
Wind driven rain will be driven onto the fascia and staining will occur.

All wrong as Robert is trying to point out. Even the overlap is incorrect according to what is normal. Both the rake and fascia will receive driven and capillary rain up behind the edging and rot the wood.

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The capillary break is everything.
That is poor siding practices.

Where do you guys get these awesome diagrams from?

awesome diagrams ,com. HA HA HA.
Google has all you need.
INACHI has thousands.
email me if you can not get the illustrations you need.:wink:

Even if gutters are installed???

Helpful document from GAF.

As shown in your photo…

This is the most common flashing I see in my area.
[size=3][FONT=Centaur]Based upon the replies of Canadian Inspectors, they must not use Type D in Canada.


No one like my starter shingle vent?
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