drip edge, drainage & gutter code requirements

knowing code or where to reference it is not a bad thing when it comes to inspecting

i do a lot of Phase Inspections & the codes are the minimum standards & often the providers of dispute resolution

when it comes to inspecting older homes that are absent what is required by today’s standards all i need do is report what is deficient and what can be done to correct the deficiency…it’s then on the consumer to make a decision

R905.2.8.5 Drip edge.
A drip edge shall be provided at eaves and gables of shingle roofs. Adjacent pieces of drip edge shall be overlapped a minimum of 2 inches (51 mm). Drip edges shall extend a minimum of 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) below the roof sheathing and extend up the roof deck a minimum of 2 inches (51 mm). Drip edges shall be mechanically fastened to the roof deck at a maximum of 12 inches (305 mm) o.c. with fasteners as specified in Section R905.2.5. Underlayment shall be installed over the drip edge along eaves and under the underlayment on gables. Unless specified differently by the shingle manufacturer, shingles are permitted to be flush with the drip edge.

R401.3 Drainage.
Surface drainage shall be diverted to a storm sewer conveyance or other approved point of collection that does not create a hazard. Lots shall be graded to drain surface water away from foundation walls. The grade shall fall a minimum of 6 inches (152 mm) within the first 10 feet (3048 mm).

Exception: Where lot lines, walls, slopes or other physical barriers prohibit 6 inches (152 mm) of fall within 10 feet (3048 mm), drains or swales shall be constructed to ensure drainage away from the structure. Impervious surfaces within 10 feet (3048 mm) of the building foundation shall be sloped a minimum of 2 percent away from the building.

R801.3 Roof drainage. as in gutters required In areas where expansive or collapsible soils are known to exist, all dwellings shall have a controlled method of water disposal from roofs that will collect and discharge roof drainage to the ground surface at least 5 feet (1524 mm) from foundation walls or to an approved drainage system.

an out of town client reply from a recent Phase Inspection resulted in major removals and repairs before the insulation and drywall will be installed…edited to protect city, builder & client:
I emailed your report to the B city inspectors. They used it in their subsequent house inspection and went over each point with the builder during the inspection.
They will reinstall the windows as they should be. The purlins will be redone, with additional bracing. We were satisfied with the actions being taken with regard to the other items.
I am so very glad that I employed you to do the inspection. THANK YOU!
Best regards,

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