Drip edge: Over or under tar paper at the eave?

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Over… see pictures


The drip edge should be over the paper at the eaves, and under along the rake.

Chris called it correctly

Most of those show under at the eaves, Roy

Look at Roy’s pictures from google. Shows just the opposite.

I can admit when I am wrong, I shouldn’t post at 6 in the morning, it is under at the eaves to allow any water to flow without reaching the sheeting, it is over on the rake to prevent water from penetrating to the sheeting

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Paper goes over the flashing at the eave, under at the rake.

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I missed the eaves , Yes it goes under at the eaves . Sorry … Roy

I voted incorrectly also. I meant to put under at the eaves. I was too quick to click!

Its a TRAP!
Back in my construction days, I learned that you place the tar paper OVER the drip edge on the eaves so if moisture gets through the shingles, it does not get under the drip edge. I have witnessed it happening once. (In this neck of the woods we use Ice & Water rubber membrane) Under the drip edge on the gable edges to hold down the paper so it doesn’t blow off before shingling.

Exactly… here’s a great video that shows this… http://www.finehomebuilding.com/how-to/video/replacing-roof-series-apply-drip-edge.aspx



Quoted directly from InterNACHI “Roof Inspection” course…“Drip edges should be installed so that the roofing paper or felt is underneath the drip edge on the rake, but over it along the eave.”

Exactly as stated above.

This is incorrect.

You probably misread the question asked.

Thanks for pointing that out, Mike. I did. Corrected in Post # 16.