Drip loop

Does anyone have a problem with this drip loop?

I would think a roofer would have a problem as the wires appear to be in contact or very close proximity of the roof coverings.

I agree as the backwards does not matter though the feeders touching the pole may have potential to cause mechanical damage through rubbing.

Agree with above. Also, how tall is that mast? Does it have/need guy wires/support?

Does not look over 5 feet to me.
The rubber flashing at the bottom of that boot on the far side of the picture looks buckled up to me however.

I think the bottom of the drip loop needs to have an 18 inch clearance from the roof.

Good catch Bob the boot is actually on top of the shingles.


I believe it is 36 inches, (or maybe it’s a local thing).

Correct me someone if I’m wrong.

The NEC is silent on an actually height. Around here the local power company (POCO) has it’s own requirements.


I suggest you guys upload this PDF link as it is the most detailed I have seen.
5" may be local but anyone dealing with that diameter conduit knows it is strong stuff as it is only superman that can bend it.:slight_smile:
Depends more on the connections though that soffit and also I see no signs of failure in the picture.