No Drip Loop

I understand that the conductors all have a reasonable amount of fall, but there is no “loop”. So is this right or wrong?

Uphill rise to the mast-head. It’s not “pretty,” but it’s fine.

That’s what I was figuring, but just wanted a second opinion. Thanks Jeff!

I would agree with Jeff. And it looks like you had an audience for the exterior portion.

Those shingles look a little rough, and those look like exposed nails on the shield

Am I missing something here? Those look like the service entrance conductors. I cannot be sure of the dimensions and clearances from the picture but it looks as though the issue of the drip loop should be secondary to the apparent lack of proper clearances from the roof. If the masthead is less than 4 feet horziontally from the roof edge there must a minimum of 18" clearance to the roof. If masthead is over 4 feet to edge the clearance must be 3 feet if roof slope is equal to or greater to than 4 in 12, and 8 feet of clearance is required for slopes less than 4 in 12. This is a quick paraphrasing of the IRC and NEC but the conductor clearances sure look suspicious from looking at the picture and should be addressed before/in addition to the drip loop.