Driploop connections

The drip loop appears to be keeping water away from the weatherhead, but is directing the water onto the mechanical connections. Is this truly a problem? Please give me your opinions or in the applicable rules of possible. Thanks, Karl. :smiley:

drip loop.jpg

I recognize that connection as being a Burndy H-tap connection. It may be buried, underwater, subject to rain, any just about any other environmental condition that can be thrown its way. The connection, when made with approved tooling, is “gas tight”, and will not corrode. The connection is also prefilled with oxide inhibitor. The H-tap cover is also self draining, and will not hold water for long, and is of a design that promotes airflow within the clamshell type cover.

I don’t see a problem with the drip loop.

Thank you for the comments.

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I see a problem with the TV Cable connecting to the MAST…tell em to get their own POLE…:wink:

**230.28 Service Masts as Supports. **Where a service mast
is used for the support of service-drop conductors, it shall
be of adequate strength or be supported by braces or guys
to withstand safely the strain imposed by the service drop.
Where raceway-type service masts are used, all raceway
fittings shall be identified for use with service masts. Only
power service-drop conductors shall be permitted to be attached

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