Dripping wet 60 Amp GE panels with 60 amp mains

Recently inspected 2 old 60 amp GE panels dripping with water. severe rust and damage to breakers. The SE comes into the basement where it feeds 2 meters and 2 panels. Immediately recommended licensed electrician to evaluate and resolve issues.
Client understands water and rust but takes issue with my labeling the service in each panel as 60 amp. A 60 amp breaker in the middle of the left row of breakers is labeled as “main”. Am i correct in labeling these 2 panels as having 60 amp service? The client may be making a case that these GE panels are labeled as rated for 100 amp and that they could be upgraded to 100 amp if the incoming service and main were upgraded to 100 amp.

Lewis, any pictures you can upload?

The panel rating and the actual service may be two different things. The service and the disconnect rating may be two different things. Per the SOP we should do the following

There are many factors that can be used to determine what the ampacity rating of a service is, as Neil suggested some photo’s would help to answer your question.

Thanks. That was an old post that got re-sent.

A 60 amp breaker labeled Main is typically an indication of a split bus panel.


Good point. It could actually be a 100 amp or larger service with the 60 amp feeding the split section. If it is split bus you would then need to know the service entrance conductor size.


Yes. Thank you. It was an old post that somehow got re-sent. Have a safe holiday.

Thanks. This was an old post that somehow got re-sent. Have a safe holiday!