150 amp panel 200 amp service

Could not see all of the panel labels, but it looks like the panel is rated fro 150 Amps. Main service appeared to be 200 Amp. With Cutler-Hammer is there another label that may indicate panel is rated for 200 Amps? No label on cover.

Can you post some photo’s?

Here you go. Thought I attached them the first time
Is the difference between 150 and 200 Amp panel the number on breakers that be installed?

If the panel is rated for 150 amps and it has a 200 amp breaker, it’s still at 150 amp panel.

From the photo that looks like a factory installed 200 amp CB. You need more information from the label to determine what the 150 amp rating actually is in the photo. What is the model number of the panel?


Sounds like a 150 to me. Is this a service and the 200 amp CB is the service disconnect?

Looked to me to be 200 Amp Service.

Was the electrical system in the house perfect? If not, record the other defects and state that you could not determine the amperage. Voila.

That does not look like a 200 based on the service cable size.