Driveway heating pipe problem

Had a client that I did a Move In Certified inspection for. He told me that the lower (more towards the house) section of the driveway defrosting pipes was not working. I was able to locate the break in the pipe and he didn’t have to have the whole driveway dug up.

BTW. The working section had its feed pipe go out from the house along the right side of the driveway, looking out (Picture 1). The broken portion of the system had its supply pipe run to the left (facing out) right outside where the garage door comes down and feed the bottom section. The break was right where the lighter areas is (picture 3) at the center. The crack ran down (towards the house) to the drain (picture 3).

The seller and the HVAC guy were both amazed. I did it as a free follow up for the seller. THere was no snow at the sale and they found this only after our recent snow and the buyer was really PO’d. The seller called me and I went out (only about a mile away).

HVAC guy wanted my card. (Can you say, Marketing?)

1, 2) Looking out from the house. The further away area was OK but the near the house section was not working.

3, 4) the pipe for the botton (near the house) section was damaged and leaking into the concrete. Crack in the slab.

Yet another application.

Tip. It helps to have a cold slab, then let it heat. Take the images before the heat has too much of a chance to diffuse and warm the entire slab (thermal mass). Try to get the image when the pipe is hottest but before the heat has too much of a chance to diffuse outward.

Hope this helps;

driveway3 normal.jpg

driveway1 IR.jpg

driveway1 normal.jpg

driveway3 IR.jpg

Yeow-wee him and the contractor and great for you.

Another application, another dollar.


Actually, the HVAC guy (he does heated driveways) loved it. He just broke oth a 2 x 2 area and spliced in a new section of pex. They were pouring the concrete as I left.

Beats having to dig up the whole driveway :mrgreen:

Bet you I get a LOT of business from this guy, if his work is all of this quality.

BTW: The pex was just laid on the underlaying gravel.

Gonna have a talk with him about changing his installation proceedures.