Sorry guys, last one on this house

Nearly all the markings on this piping was rubbed off and I couldn’t decipher. I’m guessing this is Polybutylene? Also, after two years this is another first for me. The lower manifold in the photo appears to be Poly and the upper manifold have the markings that are approved for radiant heating. The last picture is just an overall photo of the plumbing in the garage.
I know this was a lot of posts for this house. Thanks for your patience and guidance, always learning.

PB will have " PB2110" on it.

Maybe maybe not. You have some ASTM marks on the pipe look it up.

The clear pipe is approved, the grey I couldn’t decipher.

Same answer.

When was house built? Since the clear pipe is PEX I would be willing to guess the gray pipe is also.

Being you have a pretty good leak I’d just leave it to the plumber to sort it out.

The basement was converted to a finished basement a few years ago I guess.

Well then there’s a good chance you have PB and PEX

Is this house at the Nachi live class House of Horrors?

Haha it could be! I’m 5hrs into writing the report.

You most likely already noted that there is no drip leg for that gas line.

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That and other things yes.

Just out of curiosity… Did you find a flux capacitor in all that mess?:thinking:

I found lots and lots of stuff.
A sump pump timer switch to which I had no clue where the sump even was, a mini tankless water heater and a thermostat timer for the furnace. Exhausting.

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This has more pipe than my entire house!

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Dude, head ache. Look at the bottom right of the photo. The PEX has like 2048383826 splices in it.

You could report “suspected” poly…if you can’t read the markings.

Just a thought.

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Looks like a date stamped on the manifolds; either “Made May 10/17” or “Made in Italy 10/17” (my guess).

The top one is most legible the bottom not so much but still looks like the same date. So is it possible all this was put in in 2017? Could it be that this pipe was replacing older stuff and pushed through a leave, which would explain why the markings are so rubbed off?

If this home was built in 1974 it would be a little early for PB to be original. The grey is a mystery. If it is not PB, and not manufactured during “those dark years of PB” (1978-1995), Why would a manufacturer put out a Grey pipe that would have the resemblance of a pipe with a problem waiting to happen?

I would agree that the best course of action here is to report as possible PB.


That’s what I did, this was my narrative.

Reminds me of the pipe screensaver.
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