Drone advice/recommendations?

(James Eubank) #1

Looking to buy a drone for inspecting those occasional pesky roofs that I just can’t get to any other way. Any advice or suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!

(Bradley K. Toye, CMI) #2

Mavic Pro is what I use. There are better ones, and there are worse ones. Mavic seems to be just right for roof inspections.

(Tim Williams, CPI) #3

I use the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Does the job fine, but I’m secretly hoping it crashes at some point so that I can justify getting the Mavic Pro!


(Joseph Kautzman) #4

DJI Phantom 4 pro v2.0

(Dominic DAgostino, CMI HI3957) #5

Mavic Pro also, surprisingly staple in a breeze, and quick to setup & launch while onsite.

(Clint VanNest, CMI HI5007) #6

Is it still required to get a licensed to fly a drone for business in Florida?

Florida Statue 934.50 shows an exeption under:
4 (d) By a person or an entity engaged in a business or profession licensed by the state, or by an agent, employee, or contractor thereof, if the drone is used only to perform reasonable tasks within the scope of practice or activities permitted under such person’s or entity’s license. However, this exception does not apply to a profession in which the licensee’s authorized scope of practice includes obtaining information about the identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, or character of any society, person, or group of persons.

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #7

Aaron Gray](https://www.nachi.org/forum/members/73272-agray4/)

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InterNACHI’s primer law for drone operation. I learned that violations can result in a 27,$500 fine for reckless operation. The operator must be part 107 licensed to perform commercial drone flights. The drone must also be registered with the FAA.

(Clint VanNest, CMI HI5007) #8

I don’t understand. Is Aaron Gray familiar with the Florida Statues 934.50 concerning drones? Did he read the exemption noted above? I am a profession licensed by the State of Florida and it falls under reasonable tasks within the scope of practice or activities permitted under such person’s or entity’s license. Any further info for us guys in Florida? Thanks.

(Bradley K. Toye, CMI) #9

What makes you think this exempts a drone pilot from obtaining a 107 license? It has nothing to do with licensing.

(Peter W. Bennett, NJ Lic# 24G100037100) #10

Do you own one now?
How many hours have you practiced flying at your home under
unfavorable weather conditions?
Lastly, make your get a State Farm PAP for your recreational practice time, in case you crash it.

(Clint VanNest, CMI HI5007) #11

Good advice on the insurance. After looking more into it, that is just a Florida rule that will NOT prevail over FAA rules. Studying for it now. Will try the Nachi course. Anyone else use it to pass the exam? Any other recommendations? Thanks.

(Charles Stevens) #12

I have 2 a Mavic Pro and recently Yuneec Typhoon H With realsense. I like the Mavic pro because its small , but looks like a toy ( I own it , I can criticizes it ). The Yunecc Typhoon H is big looks commercial. Can Hover and camera turns 360Deg. Got both for around a Grand each.

Both drones have 4k camera capabilities.
The DJI Mavic if it looses a prop in flight ( Crash ) > Great Camera for its size. But you must use your own tablet or phone for the screen . ( new controller out now is over $600 bucks)
The Yunecc Typhoon is a Hexacopter 6 blades with retractable landing gear and its own monitor… No need to hook up phone or tablet.

If you are only going to use your drone once in awhile for inspections check out the app “Verify”… Pay per flight insurance… Average is 10-25 bucks . Just add it to the bill on the customer as addition service

I don’t care where you are (except in your house) You need a Part 107 Commercial UAV License to fly a UAV/Drone for money… Fines for hiring an unlicensed drone operator can be very high not just for the pilots flying.

"The pilot would face a fine of $1,100 per violation…while the person who causes the operation could be liable for a fine of $11,000…” - Hiring Unlicensed Drone ‘Pilots’ Can Result In Penalties - Drone Academy