#FAA 107 Drone test. Did it this morning..Passed it!

Yep! And I passed with an 87%.
If you have any questions while it is still fresh on my mine…
Ask them.


Congrats Roy!

Way to go, Roy! :grin:

Congrats! YEP!

Congradulations Roy, Did you use any other study material besides the internachi course?

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That’s great Roy,congratulations!

I did not use any course. A couple of youtube videos and one came with a simple study guide, and took a few sample question test online.
If you want to know the videos just let me know,

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Thanks everyone!

I’m currently taking a drone licensing course, I can only hope to get the same results as you.

I just did these and nothing else… I took several practice exams online.
I studied these many times over about 4 days.
The first one has a study guide…Get it.
The second one is in 3 parts.



Thanks Roy, and congratulations

Now! I have to learn to inspect roofs with this drone.

Mr. Roy,
CONGRATULATIONS! Now on the the next cert.

I wonder what would be?

You ‘fly-boys’ all got your heads in the clouds! :grin: Congratulations.

Thank you sir ! I’ve been flying since I was 17. However I really wanted to take this test just to see what it was. And to see if I could help anyone else that wanted to do it. Really!
Again. Thank you.

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There is a good school in Hudson Fl., Contractors Institute. They teach building codes

Taken classes there several times.

Be Blessed,

James Southerland




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I know about that I’m a state license residential contractor. Thanks for the advice.