Drone recommendation

I’m researching to puchase my first drone for residential roof inspections. I’m a one man operation. Typically I will have one inspection each day, sometimes two. Are there drones under $600 anyone would recommend? I don’t mind honest feedback and if you feel I would be wasting momey on a cheaper drone please let me know. I’m not set on a $600 budget but hoping there is something in that ballpark that’s good without a lot if bells and whistles.


Keep in mind, the FAA remote ID rule goes into effect September 16th, so if I were looking to purchase a drone I would look for one that has that capability already built in.

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I appreciate you Dennis. Thank you for responding!

Kevin, thank you for this helpful advice sir!

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DJI mini 3 pro

It’s small and light weight. Practically flys itself. I use it on every inspection. Plus it’s compliant with all the new laws.

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Thank you for the recommendation friend!

I purchased a DJI mini mavic air 2, it was considerably more that $600.00 yet it is so easy to fly even in windy weather, Don’t go cheap you will have buyers remorse, equipment is a deductible expense.

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