Drone regeneration labels

Does anybody have a good idea where I can get registration drone labels from? I have to put a label on a Mavic air and a DJI phantom.

See below for instructions on how to label your drone with your FAA drone registration number. If you need drone labels you may order them here as well.

Or. Google them.



Or color options:

Print it out and tape it in the battery compartment.
Any label will work.

Just a footnote… as always, rules are constantly changing. As of 23 February 2019, numbers must be visible on the OUTSIDE of the sUAS. Most likely for ease of observation/preservation of evidence in the event there is some sort of investigation of an incident.

FAA Infographic:

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I have just used a basic label maker we had at home because my wife is OCD on things. I also printed out my phone number in the hopes of if I ever do lose a drone, someone may have the courtesy to call me so I can pick up the wreckage and salvage what I may from it! you never know, but it cannot hurt.:thinking: