Drone 107 license

So today I passed the test to operate a drone legally. The test was not easy. I did all thr free study guides and websites. I didnt pay for anything. The faa website covers it all. They jut try and trick you with questions. 70 percent of my test was reading sectional map. Good luck everyone that takes it.


Congrats Matthew. So, taking the knowledge test is free at one the testing centers? I haven’t scheduled mine yet, but was wondering about that. I assume the application and certificate is not free though…$150? I am a non-current pilot, so the sectional testing won’t be a problem I hope. I did take that 107 online course and thought that was informative.

There opposite. Testing is 150 ,license free. If your a pilot you should be good. Heres the study guide used. It definitely helped out alot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qsrf5qpxg8hb7ne/Part_107_Study_Guide.10.pdf?dl=0

Thanks for the info. I am not current so I will have to take the test…$150 is much better than 3 or 4 hrs with an instructor in a Cessna. I’ve done enough punching holes in the sky.

Congrats on passing the exam.

Reading those maps is my biggest weak point, so thanks for the heads up.

Quiz…Your are conducting drone operations approximately 2 miles south of a non-controlled rural airport, and are monitoring CTAF on your radio for advisories. You hear a broadcast on this frequency that states " NXXXX midfield left downwind for runway 13". Should you be concerned and land?

I have 2 drones, I don’t use them for inspections (yet). My practice sessions are always within 50 or at most 75 feet of the inspection structure, (usually much closer). If an aircraft is that close to a structure, then yes I need to be concerned. If the drone I’m using to look at a 3 story 12/12 slate roof at distances described above is a concern that needs to be addressed by the FAA then kiss my lily white. FAA has a knee jerk reaction to some dumb ashes that decide to fly drones above 500’ in the flight path at international airports and now we all suffer more goberment regulation. :roll:

That was on test lol.

I know. I thought it was a good exercise in spatial orientation.:cool:

Pretty quick i received temp letter today.

Which place did you take the test or was it online. I’m on long Island too