Drug testing supplies

Hi all, I’m looking for a vendor that sell the drug detective testing supplies. All you seasoned blogger go easy on me I’m not sure how this works.

Contact Russel Spriggs or his lovely wife. http://www.cdainspector.com/
They know alot about meth testing.

Nick and me already tried to get him to teach a course. So far no luck.

Biggest piece of advice you will get on the subject…

Stay away from onsite test kits because they can be a HUGE liability issue!!!

Find an accredited lab like EMSL Analytical and get your supplies and tests run through them. Meth testing is done by doing a simple wipe test and submitting the wipes in a special bottle to the lab. EMSL has printed sampling procedures and test supplies are included with the price of analysis. Find a location near you and set up an account with a sales rep. Your lawyer will thank you for it once he finds out you want to do this type of testing.