meth testing

I am going to be adding this to our ancillary services. (because one of my very regular customers asked for it for all of their inspections…) I have taken some extra training for meth and have been looking at accumeth as a possibility for testing. Probably with the black box. Anyone using these? I like that I can get results immediately. I would also be open to sending to lab, so then its “Lab analyzed”. I will not be doing this as a stand alone service, just as a screening with home inspection. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Check your state , you may need to be certified .

I give my customers an option of the less accurate instantious test, or sending wipe tests into a lab for accurate analysis.

Do you have a suggestion on a vender for the testing materials?

I wouldn’t test meth. I heard you can get hooked on it real easy. :lying_face: :roll_eyes: :flushed:

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