Meth Testing

Does anyone out there know of a good test kit for testing meth residue in residential homes? Also, is there any kind of info that I need to look over before doing a meth test for a client? here is some info. If you suspect a meth lab, best thing is to stay out. I ran into one and didn’t realize it until I was in the home for 2 hours. Strong cat urine smell. Missing smoke detectors. Carpet removed. Stains on concrete. newly painted, look at the AC registers for small reddish stains (leftover hard metals).

Next time I get into a home with heavy urine smell, the P95 mask comes out along with a simple lead test kit. If it tests positive for lead and there are some of the other suspected items listed above, I’m outta there in under 5 minutes. It’s someone else problem now.
You don’t want to subject yourself to all those harmful heavy metals and such and transfer them to your truck and next day eat a sammich in there or worse transfer it to your home through shoes and such. If you still want to go in, where a full set of cover gear (all throw away items except mask and glasses. blue suit, booties, rubber gloves etc…), when exiting home, peel off throw away materials and bag them up tightly with tape. Probably best to leave that to the pros.

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Joe Frasca
Senior Vice President, Marketing
EMSL Analytical, Inc.

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