Dryer outlet by bathtub

Reposted here in hope for a response. I am concerned about this dryer power supply, not to mention dryer blocking access to part of the tub. I am looking for a reference regarding this outlet location. Thank you in advance.


Since you are not going to site code anyway, call out your concerns.

Limited tub access sounds reasonable.

Your client gets to decide what he wants to do about.

You already mentioned the lack of a dryer vent.

This is an opportunity to educate your client.

That dryer receptacle is permitted by the NEC.

Thank you for the responses

Answer has been provided for those of Ontario.
No requirement is needed for the wash machine and dryer. However I do mention Gfci to the wash machine and explain the reasoning.

I also would not accept a inaccessible p trap for the wash machine.

We don’t care. The OP is not in Canada.

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How is this different than the flush mounted washer boxes that are used everywhere?

The standpipe has a regular p trap with no cleanout. Most install a clean out on the stack. If a p trap is installed with a cleanout it needs to be accessible by means of a cover panel. I hope you can understand my technical jargon. LOL