Dryer Vent Canister

First time running into one of these.
I do not think I like it.

What would be your write up on this.

Dryer vent canister will allow excessive humidity during operation of the dryer. Recommend venting to the exterior of the home.




Exactly as you stated.

I like it less than that floor tile!


I agree this house has a full list of dated items.
Bulldog Pushmatic, Asbestos materials, indoor grill, and ham radio room.

If it’s a gas dryer it also vents poisonous Carbon Monoxide (CO) gasses in the house which can kill you, especially children and pets.

Strange that they would even make a product like this.

I commonly see these in apartments and more so in flipper homes where the laundry was relocated to an interior hallway closet.

Not necessarily, there should be zero CO if it is working right. CO2 yes,

John, you shouldn’t like it.

IRC M1502.2 Dryer exhaust systems shall be independent of all other systems and shall convey the moisture to the outdoors.
IRC M1502.3 Exhaust ducts shall terminate on the outside of the building.

Those apartment systems do not put moisture outdoors or terminate outdoors.

Why is a Ham radio room a dated item?