Dryer Exhaust Box ?

Hi Guys,

I came across one of these dryer boxes [attached] .
I guessing that venting into a box would be substandard.
Any thoughts ?

Westledge 013.JPG

Not the best but here’s a link for an indoor box (electric dryers).

That helps some, thanks Robert. I guess the key is to keep the box moist eh ? Is this adequate ventilation ?

FIRE HAZARD replace hose with rigid metallic or flex aluminum

Never maintained properly and another FIRE HAZARD if you look at all the
bypass lint behind, under, and in the washer/dryer housing

Mold pond if water bath type and raises interior humidity if not properly exhaust fan vented to exterior

Any reason why dryer is not vented outside?

You’ve probably thought of this but making sure it is electric and not gas would be important. :wink:

If it was gas dryer, serious CO hazard too.

Those things are a joke, and wish people would just understand the hazards(moisture, CO, and just air quality) they contribute too.

Nice photo, looks like it’s just creating a dust pile.


This electric dryer is in the center of a slab home, not near an outside wall and a long run straight up.

They can add a booster fan and run the duct to the exterior, I think that is spelled right.

Always a bad idea as a fire hazard and moisture problem.
Call it out.
If imposible to vent they can now buy a condensening unit.
Go to the Bosh site for info.