Dryer Vent Duct Termination

Is it OK to vent a dryer out of the chimney structure.The dryer duct shares the chimney chase with the fireplace combustion air duct.0

It is terminating to the outside.

[# Clothes Dryer Exhaust Vent Termination Clearances] Dryer Hood clearance.(https://inspectapedia.com/Appliances/Clothes_Dryer_Vent_Clearances.php)

That was my thought. Just haven’t seen it terminate there before. Thanks.

Hopefully, both the dryer and combustion air inlet duct are metal as they would both penetrate the fire-stopping at the ceiling line. That wide chimney (>30" wide should have a cricket or saddle).

Exactly. Noted the lack of a cricket in the report. Thanks.

Gary, also, the dryer vent doesn’t have the recommended 12" of distance to the ground, or in this case roof. And, more space is recommended if you live where snow can build up and clog or freeze it shut.

Won’t harp on the obvious chimney shroud issues, but that’s a piss-poor practice to locate the fresh air intake and dryer duct termination on the upslope side of the chimney. Debris or snow accumulation (depending on climate) could readily block both. Hard rain splash could drive water into both (if the dryer damper sticks open).

I would comment on it it as a potential maintenance itsm.