Dryer vent terminating into a chimney

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So I came across this on an inspection. I have noted that it is non metal flexible and should be rigid metal and the connection to the chimney is not adequate. Now I have hit a snag with the length and termination.

  1. I do not know if the dryer can even be vented into a chimney. (there is nothing else but the dryer venting into this one)
  2. If it is allowed in the chimney would the termination point be considered the top of the flue or the point which the vent enters the chimney?
    2.A. If it is the top of the flue as I suspect this one will not meet the 25’ or less requirement.

Any insight on this would be helpful.

Arthur, It is not allowed to terminate into a chimney

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Hmm, let’s see… what can we use this old chimney for, oh I know! :slight_smile:

Why not? Just had one like this earlier this week. Had three different flues, one for the fireplace, one for the furnace, and one for the dryer vent.

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Hi Josh,
If the chimney is being used then exhaust gases have the opportunity to back draft back through the dryer. That is a dangerous situation. Even if the chimney is not being used, where is the condensation going to go from the dryer vent? We are not code inspectors but it is prohibited in IRC M1502.


so what do You think happens when the flue gets packed with lint?

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Jim has the 3rd reason not to do it!

What was the flue made from?

You mean it won’t exhaust out at the top of the chimney? LOL :upside_down_face:

Thanks everyone for the input. It makes sense that it should not terminate into the chimney, dryer fires are no joke. Who knows you guys may have just helped me save someone’s life today.

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Hopefully your client, or the owner, will pay attention to your advice.

I get that. This was a separate flue. Been that way since 1955 :slight_smile:

Where does it say it exactly?

Then It should have burned down a long time ago…


Improperly vented dryers are a major source of house fires, what You show is a very improperly vented dryer…

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Look up IRC 1502.3 and/or IMC 504.4 where it is prohibited.
probably looks like this by now.

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No can do. Other than code violation - dryer exhaust is wet air. Goes down, not up. :+1:

Good Dryer vent info:

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