Dryer vent exits at roof under eave.

Is there an issue with this dryer vent exiting on roof below the eave? (other than it needing a cap) It’s only heat, not Co2.

It would need a proper damper but…the location is not ideal as it needs to be cleaned regularly.

The location is fine, the method is not.

No unusual for dryers to vent out the roof, but yes, it needs a proper termination cap.

Not a good idea in snow country and nor is it a good idea for maintenance perspective.

I would not condone such an installation even with the proper cap.



Real common here in Texas as well to vent up to the roof. Much of that is due to the placement of laundry rooms in house designs here. Also a whole basic industry has been created here just for cleaning the vents. Then there is another group that comes along and repairs all the vent ducting that the vent cleaners destroy when they clean them. :smiley:

Now that I said that I do agree though that venting at the roof level is a poor method for various reasons IMO.

This installation is subject to opinions based on geographical locations, I guess.
All I know is, it would be a good contributor to ice dams in this area. Even exhausting vent in the soffit areas is not a good idea or condoned either due to the cold weather and ice damming contributor.

Although there is nothing in the building codes that prevents that installation as long as installed per Manufacturers Instructions.

In the case of the OP, if it had a proper vent cap installation, it would be OK.
As is, is a defective installation. :slight_smile: