Dryer vent in attic

Why isn’t this dryer vent insulated in the attic???


Here is the photo!!!

Probably because most aren’t.

That looks like regualr old Duct tape to me, would not last very long here. I would call that out myself.

I agree Brian, the adhesive on duct tape dries out over time, especially in the kind of frequent temperature changes seen in dryer vents; expansion and contraction also loosen duct tape. This can create gaps in the joints of the vent.
The use of metal foil tape rather than duct tape would be a better choice but more expensive and much more durable.
I would have called it out also. :slight_smile:

I did. Thanks!!!

I would call out the connection but not insulation. Don’t ya just feel funny sometimes calling out ducts with ah um duct tape on them?!:mrgreen:

You get that deer in the head lights l:roll::roll:k

why would you want the duct insulated.

To help prevent condensation inside the pipe.