Dryer vent

I had ******* out to my house to clean the dryer vent, they fell through my ceilings and caused alot of damage. After duck taping and putting sheet metal screws in the dryer vent in the attic, he told me it was fixed. My ac guy was out for a different issue and said that is not ok because it is a fire hazard because the screws trap lint and it can cause a fire, makes sense. He replaced it with a new dryer vent. He said the code was M1502. I am now having to take this guy to small claims because he is telling me this is incorrect. Please tell me this IS the code in Oklahoma? I couldnt find anything state specific online.
Thank you so much

Don’t know OK rules. Everywhere else the vent should be smoothwall metal taped at the joints. Had you hired a competent licensed contractor to start with you wouldn’t be having this issue.

The following is part of New Jersey M (mechanical code) 1502. I am not familiar with what code OK uses but you can call your local county or state construction code office and inquire. Most of the country, I believe, uses this:


Scroll down to M1502.5 Duct Construction.

IRC (International Residential Code) 2439. includes many requirements for dryer vents, including that there be no screws installed and terminate with a backdraft damper and no screen to name a few. Why would anyone go into an attic to clean a dyer vent? There is tools made to clean dryer vents without entering the attic.

Because he was an idiot? He took the vent completely apart, then borrowed my drill to run his brush through. I’m out almost $1000. In repairs and will likely have to got court to get it. He is saying he won’t pay for new vent because screws are fine, my ac guy cited the code listed here, makes sense. But, I want to make sure there isn’t another in OK allowing it before we stand in front of the judge.

Took the vent apart? Screwed & taped it? DUH!

The International Residential Code (IRC) section M1502 requires that clothes dryer vents be constructed of at least 0.016 thick rigid metal,
have smooth interior surfaces, and** shall not have sheet metal screws extending into the duct**.

Thank you. I forwarded this code to my attorney. Hopefully there isn’t a state one that backs up what he is saying. I have searched online but not found much. I did see one that said you could use screws but they could not protrude more than an eighth of an inch inside the dryer vent. That could be problematic as the dryer vent was disposed of and a new one was put in its place. I never in my life thought having my dryer vent cleaned would turn into this fiasco this has taken us 2 1/2 months to get rectified. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your help

Looks to my like the dryer vent is the least of the problem. It is now correctly installed and safe. The real issue is the damage he caused.

Let me guess. You hired the guy with the lowest price quote without regard for a license, his qualifications, or reviews?