Drylok and a moldy basement, plsu another incompetent company

Idiots, you are fools. You really do not know what your talking about.

Yeah sure, drylok works, ok uh huh. Sue these morons.

And ‘All County’ is another dumb azz…
He incompetently says, paraphrase :20, DUE to the water trapped inside the block plus the drylok is what caused the mold"… NONSENSE!!!

He’s saying that HAD there been HOLES drilled down low in the bottom blocks (aka an interior system installed) then there would be no mold, NON---------------------------------------------SENSE!!!

The water is getting INTO the hollow blocks on/from the outside… through exterior–cracks etc in the dang basement wall(s). Whether there’s holes drilled or not, the blocks will still/continue to be WET!!!

You have to ‘stop’ the water from, ummmmmmmmmm, getting into the blocks you idiot! You cannot accomplish that by installing an interior basement drainage system and drilling holes in blocks!@#@!@!#@!@!!@!#@!

Photo, interior system was installed… did it stop the water from entering the exterior cracks? NO!
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, it will not stop–prevent mold or efflorescence etc on the inside!!!

Photo, B Dry installed an interior system here… it also did NOT stop the water from where it’s still entering (through exterior cracks etc!) and so…duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, these systems cannot stop–prevent mold, efflorescence.

One of our jobs in this short video… so that some may begin to see and get in their FAT–heads how and where water is actually getting into the dumb block wall. Oh and an interior basement drainage system was also installed here, so why did the homeowners call us??? God you people suck.

These interior system companies need to be sued, repeatedly… they are incompetent, negligent, misrepresentative idiotzzzzzzz!

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