Drywall concerns

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Has anyone ever seen this on drywall? This is in a basement. Closed off from the finished portion of the space. All of the drywall presents with this discoloration. Some much much less. These pics are on walls of the foundation and interior walls both.

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Was the dry wall damp?

Anyway, here is a possible narrative:

Spots on unfinished drywall in basement. Recommend a qualified drywall contractor observe and remedy.

At the time of my inspection, no. I have been in a couple of thousand homes and have not seen discoloration this bad.

My response to the homeowner was just as you recommended.

But, we see new things once in a while that stump us. We are always gaining new experiences and looking for new knowledge.

Thanks for any feedback.

Left unprimed drywall starts to yellow within a few weeks
Suspect: High relative humidity on occasions combined with dew point and poor circulation lead to the condition of the drywall.

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Thanks for your input

If it would have been painted I doubt that would have happen.

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My pleasure.

yellow drywall and biscuit box
yellow drywall and biscuit box

Acidic paper, Acid leaching out of the paper.

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Any chance this could be “Chinese drywall”?