Drywall Screws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost a finger in the cabinet handle. :twisted:

How big a guy are you, Brian??:wink: :wink:

Gets pretty bad out there, eh???:shock: :roll:

I don’t seem to see any wood entrails on the screw ends…must of missed the studs ya think?..:shock:

Glad you weren’t hurt

I’m always leery of homers cabinetry, seen too many just like yours

Hope your GL is paid up, those a$$hole$

I always toe/screw downward when studs aren’t present :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


Judging from the number of screws they were looking for the studs and just give up. Or ran out of screws.

I have an insurance story for you Barry, but it will have to wait. :frowning:

Brian, was this for real, if it is I don’t believe it. ha. ha.

If it is, I hope you did not get hurt.

Dale, how could you tell there was no blocking in the wall? It fell down.

Ahh, you sly fox, My dear Watson, notice the fine gypsum dust on the screws and no wood particles.

Elementary my dear Watson.

Nice Dale.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Even a bad stud finder does a better job than that.

no insurance, failed during testing

Duh !!! That’s why they call ‘em drywall screws, and not wood screws…:stuck_out_tongue: (just funnin’ wit ya). :twisted: