Sleight of hand

Sneaky little insulation guys. Always cutting corners. I started walking and thought, “this sure doesn’t feel like 12 inches of insulation.”

Sneaky, I wonder was it the seller or the insulation company. You’ll need 4 more inches she said…

Wow Sean, was that consistent throughout the attic?
If it is that’s fraud.

BTW- Nice shoelaces! :stuck_out_tongue:

Likely installed by a guy with short weeny syndrome… LOL

I had the same only they didn’t rip the ruler and it was a full 6" lower than what they wrote on the installation service card in the attic. I don’t think it settled that much I would give and 1" or 2" but not 6" in a 5yr old home. Guess they thought no one would go in the attic because the scuttle hole was 15’ high off the garage floor.

That’s what I thought. FYI - red laces are considered “probable cause” for search & frisk in Los Angeles :smiley:

Shoelaces? How about those sexy legs?

Nice Eagle Tac flashlight :slight_smile:

The laces are neon orange. Get with the times. Hot 80’s colors are in. I can’t help thats what came with the shoes. I burn through a pair of shoes in 3 months anyway, almost ready for a new pair.

Neon Orange shoelaces in Tennessee!?

The times they are a changin’! :wink:

If there’s an insulation certification label, check that as well. I’ve found several where they claim R-49 and you look at the installers chart by the attic hatch and the amount installed and find it’s actually much less. New home builders hate it when I point that one out.