Duct board

Yesterdays inspection of a geothermal system turned up a duct board supply trunk. I have seen these type trunks frequently but when calling my HVAC buddy about the geothermal heat system for info he says cannot use duct board in NY. This is due to deterioration of the internal surface over time and fiberglass particles being blown into the conditioned space. However I cannot find confirmation of this. Anybody?

Never heard of that. I see it all the time down South. I simply identify the duct types in the body of my report.

If true it would be a local AHJ thing fiber glass lining is used all the time on rectangular supply air metal plenums and ducts no difference in the duct board still fiberglass

I could certainly see their point.
We had the same stuff for all of our duct work.
Immediately after I changed it, everyone stopped coughing in the house.
When I was breaking it down to throw it away, all you saw was fibers going everywhere. Just touching the insides of the board caused it.

Never said I like it just stated it was legal. Matter of fact I don’t like the chit but that is just me

Health and Safety facts for Fiberglass Duct Board & Insulation- http://www.naima.org/insulation-resources/health-safety/facts-62-health-and-safety-facts-for-fiber-glass-n040.html

Some earlier and poorly manufatured duct board did have some erosion problems. Also the velocity allowed in the duct size needs to be followed. Most problems come from descions made by the contractor.