hazardous insulated ducts ????

Hey Guys

Did an inspection and there was insulated duct work in the attic it was silver foil on the outside it was the rigid type , looked good. A H V A C guys tells my client that it is the “old yellow stuff” and is hazardous and it needs to be replaced. By the way I recommended this guy. Are we supposed to alarm people that this insulated duct is dangerous, it was used in thousands of homes Thanks for your help, I have to call this guy back soon. After I call the HVAC guy back he says he told the guy he still has the stuff in his own house.

If you suspect the ducts are insulated with Asbestos you should point it out.

Foil backed soft fiberglass insulation on metal ductwork poses no hazard or threat that I’m aware of. It is usually wrapped around the ductwork and stapled onto itself to hold it in place. Asbestos, like Brian says, is a different story but I doubt that is what is being referred to.

Did the ductwork look like this:

and the insulation like this? http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:82foqdnbbQuuHM:http://www.bkvencon.com/images/ductwrapmetalductexternalinsulation_clip_image001.jpg

Thanks, it is the foiled yellow fiberglass, on the inside its a hard fiberglass. The older stuff is yellow, the newer is black inside. They say the yellow breaks down after awhile. There is no metal at all no asbestos either.

They should be provide a source for their information about this information.

“Old yellow stuff” ? What if it was “New Yellow Stuff”? “Middle aged Yellow Stuff”? :mrgreen::twisted:

I would recommemd the HVAC guy have a chat with George Carlin (if he were alive). :stuck_out_tongue:

What if we all started calling asbestos “the old white stuff” or shingles, “old roof stuff”? Hmmm…

The HVAC guy should be more specific about the “stuff” and provide some documentation as to the hazards. Is it a health hazard, fire hazard?

Saying some “stuff” is “a hazard” and needs to be replaced is just not enough, IMO.

Oh yea, were all going to go out and replace our duct board because they came up with something new!

If it hasn’t come apart yet, there’s no reason to change it.

This one is Blue “New Stuff”. Now what are going to do?
Replace the “black stuff”? :slight_smile: