Duct from above furnace in laundry room.....

Duct above furnace in laundry room extends through ceiling into attic and terminates there. Is this allowed for proper air flow into laundry for furnace?

It is acceptable to bring combustion air in from the attic provided the attic is adequately vented.

Ok same situation but it is a water heater in a hallwya closet. Vented into the attic the same way so that’s ok but does it need to have a self closing door and a weatherseal on that door as opposed to the normal closet door?

Good…thought so. Wanted to make sure. I love this message board!


I didnt know that, Have never seen it done that way. Thanks Larry


Usually see one near the ceiling and another near the floor.

Note the bold.

For more see…


It’s not right for todays standards, but better than nothing!
Upgrades are not required!

As for the weather sealed door. Makeup air can create an efficiency loss concern.