Duct Tape 101 Uses

And here is use number 102

Eliminating trip hazards in concrete garage floors :-k

Man oh man oh man oh man!!

…sure that isn’t sealing a damaged drain pipe? Use 96.




Inspection this week had PVC DW pipe duct taped to the cast iron soil pipe. The best remark of all was from the Realtor, “Looks like a special device called duct tape reducer.” Overall a fairly decent house.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that Michael!!:shock:
BTW All kidding aside, duct tape works great on warts. Just leave it on overnight for a few days and the warts are gone! I believe it is use #199:cool:

I’m sure it’s a great hair remover as well. Use #88 :wink:

My kids went to a fun thing at the library a couple of years ago called “1001 uses for duct tape”. My daughter made a purse. My son taped two of the other kids together…:smiley: