Duct tape will fix it!

It fixes everything right?

I found this on a steel basement support post.

He must have been inspired by watching The Red Green Show to use “the handyman’s secret weapon”.

No, no, no, no no!

That is either a painted CI Waste stack…


It is in case the “Stud Glue” dries out!!


My first thought also as it looks like someone poured lead on the cleanout.

Most definitely a support post.

Of course it will fix it!!

Duct tape doesn’t rust…

It doesn’t emit toxic fumes…

It doesn’t make loud noises at night…

It doesn’t bay at the moon…

And it eats very little…

What more can you ask of it???

Rusted lally columns are slippery on VAT, so he did not want them to slide away.



We need a “Best Duct Tape Fix” award some month! :wink:

Well, these are certainly all good pictures for Best Defect of The Month when the catagory comes up.

I am sure the duct tape will come up sometime. :slight_smile: