Duct Tape Used in Electrical Panel

Hello All,
I am a new inspector (and new nachi member) and recently found duct tape used in an electrical panel. I couldn’t determine why the person used it, meaning for what purpose. I called it out as questionable workmanship and fire hazard. My question is: is duct tape a fire hazard/debris if found inside a panel?

One can always be tempted to use the cheap tape found in grocery and hardware stores.
Not a good idea.
Such tape will not have the insulating capability of high-quality tape. Look for good tape that is effective between 0 degrees Fahrenheit and 176 degrees Fahrenheit.
Electrical Marketplace electrical tape is 7 mils thick, resists UV rays and is UL-listed. Any other is not.

But, we all know it’s going to happen anyway, that un-listed tape is used.


**The wrapper or carton containing a single roll of tape, or the central paper
core on which the tape is wrapped, is marked with (1) the manufacturer’s
name or trademark, (2) the catalog or type number, and (3) the words ‘‘For
use at not more than 600 V and at not more than 80°C (176°F),’’ or an
equivalent statement.

Tape determined to be flame retardant is marked ‘‘Flame Retardant.’’
Tape determined to be suitable for exposure to sunlight is marked ‘‘Sunlight

Tape determined to be suitable to insulate splices while subjected to temperatures down to -10°C is marked ‘‘Cold Resistant.’’

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I guess a concern along with a non “Listed” type of tape used was… was a Good trade person out of the Right Product


(more likely) Is the tape a sign of other Amateur Like work… needing further review by an electrician.

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Was it used to give a wire a natural grey look? I.E. did they use it to identify a black conductor as a white one?