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This basement handrail is something special. You can see someone did actually have caution tape on it, but only the caution tape remnants remain. DUCT TAPE CAN FIX ANYTHING.
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You can lean on it, but at your own risk!
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Yes this is outside and operational. This is not a temp service neither been in use for many years

I am calling the state electrical inspector on Monday about this, this not safe for any one and in my opinion is a major defect and health danger.
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indoor swimming pool in crawlspace
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Can I nominate this house as a whole?

Here is one/two to start.

I can compete with myself on this one house, want some more?
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I just barely tapped the wall with my screwdriver and look what happens.
Second pic was about 8 feet above the first. I set my ladder up on the adjacent wall to check it out higher up and placed my hand on the wall. Selling agent feels I should have to pay for the damage now.
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The attic of an circa 1890 3 story home.
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Got any wire nuts?
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Well we had a lot of irrigation drain line left after we directed all the water over to the neighbors lawn, so we figured we might as well replace the ductwork as well
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“Why put in a level window if the house is sinking in the middle” LOL
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The listing agent said they just drilled a new well two days ago!
The water came out like this for a solid half hour and never got any clearer.

Thanks Marcel and a big thanks to all those who sent in their pictures A Great Bunch… Roy

Thanks Roy, and if we did not have as many Thorns on the Message Board, we would have more activity here. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to vote when you get a chance. #9 seems to be a favorite.

If it is, place your vote. :slight_smile:

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21 have voted ,Did you vote yet some great photos… Roy

Looks like #9 has it by a landslide. Yes I agree with that one and voted for it.

they were all worth a vote …lots of good pics this month…

Usually are, this thread is always one of my personal favorites. Usually good for a chuckle.

Thanks guys it you who help make the efforts of the awards Committee pleased

Number 9 just makes me shake my head and wonder what the heck was that guy thinking. First time I have ever seen a mold grow op box in an attic. Would like to see the inside when they crack that sucker open.

Don’t forget to vote. :):smiley:

Looks like I’m late to the poll, but #4 has my vote! That’s the sort of nightmare that leaves me shuddering.

We have a tie and need more votes to break it or keep it in tandem. :slight_smile:

#3 & #9 are head to head.

Nice to see some voting. :slight_smile:

#3 and #9 are still close

And now we have a tie again. :slight_smile:

Going once for a tie. :wink:

Going twice for a tie. :slight_smile:

And Gone. We have two winners for March.

Congratulations to;

LeRoy D. Holm
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Troy N. Pappas

They both qualify to compete for the Best Defect Picture of the Year in December.

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