Duct Tape

Excellent Application… :stuck_out_tongue:

7543 North 47 Drive 2-11-11 045.JPG

7543 North 47 Drive 2-11-11 043.JPG

per the Duct Tapers Handbook, the lack of bailing or other approved wire makes this a deficient application… recommend having a qualified and certified duct tape applicator review and repair

You guys got any of that shiny foil tape down there. Would make that installation look a lot better! That grey “duck” tape isn’t really for ducts.

Safer then that type of ladder you’re using.

Now thats funny stuff!

No reliable data to support your claim. But hey, what’s new. :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on what?? :wink: :roll:

My ladder meets the current Code…:twisted:

If it still leaks just add a bit more tape…

ahahahahhahh :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

**Via duck tape? why not a goose tape?

Mr.Kelly Those ladder have been known to fail.
Please pay attention to the step locks please.

Thats what I ask them Brian .
Via duck. Why not a goose?


Duct tape forever My Hero

Is that the B.E.K. code? :stuck_out_tongue: