Black, flexible chimney "wrap"

What exactly is this material? Comments? Any info is always appreciated.

Looks like a rubberized material or EPDM, but in either case it is wrong.
Proper step flashing and counter flashing would have been requied for the application to work as intended. :slight_smile:

I agree Marcel, what do you think of this new technique. :slight_smile:

;-);-)Duct tape is correct–for anything, and everything.:D:D;-)

That rubberized wrap is not going to seal out water at the top, so flashing is basically non-existent.

Maybe they could seal the top with duct tape???:roll::roll:

Maybe they should stick to christmas wrapping for Santa Clause. :slight_smile:

Do you wrap your Christmas presents with duct tape??

I do…

Everything but ducts Jae. :mrgreen::wink:

How about Ducks?

Only metal flashing is excepted as far as I know.
Any type of wrap around is an attempt at a repair and since we not only see a gap in that bitumen looking material at the top edge along with the original metal flashing below it, one can assume there is leakage occurring.


aflaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac I think he is choking Jae. :mrgreen:

Or you can have a professional (?) do it like this.

Roof Flasing.jpg

Couldn’t tell , but are there step flashings there ? :D:D:D