Pb 2110

What would say about this PB2110 and other type plastic pipe together and the heat tapes???


I would say they need to get estimates for a re-pipe. . .

What?.. No duct tape?


Jeff hit the nail on the head - again!!

That copper T-fitting is one of the parts in the old class action suit.

Many inspectors in NC think that is ok with the copper crimp ring but its not.
The suggested NC verbiage on PB pipe led many inspectors to wrongly believe it was not a problem if it had the copper crimp rings.

You should hear the agents when they find out their favorite inspectors have been putting them in a potential lawsuit by not properly reporting PB pipe.

The pipe will deteriorate from the inside out and the fitting was found to be a problem.
What good is the copper crimp ring when the rest of it is ready to leak?