I could use comments on this one

From todays inspection, this run had a switch in the basement near the door for heat tape which was up in the gutters.

Bearing in mind that the heat tape is made for out door use , is it allowed to be permenantly installed this way?.

( other than clogging the gutter issue.) Need words.

Seems like automatic shock hazard but then the gutter is metal too.

DSCN0070 (Small).JPG

Hi Bob,

How about stupid and dangerous??

Failing that lets just go with, down spout being improperly used as electrical conduit

OH BTW, nice siding material!!



Gerry, while this install is at least suspect as the downspout is being used as a raceway, we do have gutter and roof ice melting systems up here because of the potential of ice dams in the great white North.

Here is one type.

Thanks Gerry and that is my point Mike.

So what is my defect comment?

That is a hard one.
This is not really a case of using the gutter as a conduit. The heat tape IS supposed to go up inside the leader.
I think the heat tape in the sealtite is an issue since it is supposed to be in free air. I think it would over heat inside the flexible conduit.

Speedy, Bob didn’t post a picture of what he said was heat tape. Bob?

Gutter/downspout and roof installation instructions are here for the type I am familiar with.

I do not have a pic of it coming out of the gutter.
Unless it was encluded in one of my roof shots by accident. (duh I know but that hatch weighed 100 pounds.)(caught the gutter run after the ladder was back.)

How secure is the conduit to the wall Bob? With the height it’s set at and the location, I’d be concerned with kids climbing on it and pulling it right off of the wall.

If you saw the roof shots with all the clogged waste stacks you would know why I was preoccupied:)
DSCN0017 (Small).JPG

I do recall seeing the heat tape futher up (note gutter raceway below in background)

DSCN0017 (Small).JPG

DSCN0017 (Small).JPG

Chris that was not really much of a concern.

300 defect pics.

That’s only 25 per unit. :slight_smile: I hope they don’t find out where you live. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Mike, I lived above the artic circle in MA & NH for 10 years :mrgreen: :wink:

Way too familiar with ice damning, why do you think I live in the sun damning state??



Chris see my other thread in electric for one of the fun ones.

Mike according to your link it may be ok to clog a gutter with conductors.

Great I can save that $3 a 8 foot section of conduit from now on.:slight_smile:

I maybe mistook this as saying this was the heat tape installation:

Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong. :wink:

Bob I would bet any money you like that the UL listing for that heat tape does not include its installation within down spouts, I’ll also place the same bet on the down spout not being a UL listed raceway.



Probably because you’re a tad smarter than myself.:cool:

Hi Mike,

Probably not, I broke the handle on my snow shovel, and was to cheap to buy a new one :wink:



In that link Gerry it says they have clips for inside downspout install.

Check it closer.

Oh Gerry that was the commercial inspection I told you about today and I used your drymarker trick, though the seller was trying to hustle me out at 5 -10 minutes a unit.
less than 4 hour inspection because of it and I am close to doing a camcorder with picture capture because of it.

Bob, I bet they do, still doesn’t make it right. you gotta go with your gut, if it looks phucked up it is normally a clear indicator that it is Phucked up :shock: